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“Spring is sooner recognised by plants than by men”

“If the blackbird sings before Christmas she will cry before Candlemas (2nd February)”

“Cows lying down means rain”

Which of these are true, do you think?  Listen to Ruth Binney on BBC iPlayer on Open Country, about half way through.


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If you’re up with the larks tomorrow morning (Saturday 29th), tune into Open Country on BBC Radio 4 and listen to Ruth Binney talking about the fascinating facts behind our weather sayings, e.g. red sky at night, shepherd’s delight.  Her book Wise Words and Country Ways: Weather Lore was one of 2010’s bestsellers for publishers David & Charles.

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These stunning images are from a new book for all fashion students and fashionistas – Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique, by top New York City based designer Anna Kiper.  Anna has dressed celebs such as Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry for red carpet events and magazine covers, and she teaches at the USA’s most prestigious fashion colleges.  Hmm, I somehow feel I need to sort out my wardrobe…..

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William & Kate Paper Dolls

Dress Prince William and Kate Middleton in their favourite outfits!

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view from window of La Belle Etoile

Mont Blanc at sunset

Back from energetic and enjoyable skiing holiday in Le Bettex, Savoie, France.

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