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In celebration of Zero Waste Week (2-8th September) I made this casserole – well, it turned into more of a pie – adapted from this one from Rae Strauss for ‘Accidental savoury bread and butter’. There are masses more recipes and ideas for saving food waste on the Zero Waste Week website.

  • Line bottom and sides of a pie dish – I actually used two small ones – with left-over bread slices, buttered with olive oil spread.
  • Dig out an onion from bottom of veggie drawer and slice
  • Fry in a bit of olive oil until soft
  • Then add selection of whatever other veg you might have left over, chopped. Mine were:
  1. half each of slightly shrivelled red, yellow and green peppers, i.e. three halves
  2. 2 cloves of garlic
  3. the remains of a tin of red kidney beans from the fridge
  4. a few slices of beetroot from the bottom of a jar
  5. a couple of tomatoes
  6. half a large tired mushroom
  • Season the mixture and fry on low heat for about 15 minutes until everything is nice and soft
  • Put the mixture into the pie dish/dishes
  • Beat four eggs and mix with some milk
  • Pour over the mixture in the dishes. It gets soaked in and disappears.
  • Grate cheese leftovers (mine were dry knob of cheddar and similar of parmesan) and sprinkle fairly generously over the top
  • Cook in medium hot oven (180 degrees) for about 15-20 mins until firm-ish to touch

The result was a bit like a thick omelette with nice crispy bread surround. Enjoy with salad!


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