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Here’s a book that aims to do the impossible – it tells you how to do just about anything. And it pretty well succeeds. There are 1,001 practical, quirky, essential (and not so essential) tips and solutions for almost any task you can think of.

  • Stuck in quicksand? Find out how to get out.
  • Got embroiled in an argument? Here’s the advice you need to win.
  • Friends coming round for drinks? Make a perfect margarita.
  • Your partner has just fainted? Here’s what to do.
  • Not sure how to prune your shrubs? Now you can.
  • Need to change your locks? Save money by doing it yourself.
  • Want to launch a rocket? Discover how.

Your A-Z guide to 1,001 practical skills and household solutions

How to Do Just About Anything

Your A-Z guide to 1,001 practical skills and household solutions

As it says on the cover, this book will show you how to do just about anything. Here are 1,001 things to look up in an emergency, ideas for improving your home and garden, things to cook, make or play, and surprising things you didn’t even realise you wanted to do. And, unlike advice you might find on the internet, these solutions are tried, tested and readily to hand when you need them. 

This fully illustrated A–Z book includes 1,001 practical skills and household solutions, with instructions on how to trim a beard, keep cacti alive, impress on a date, use eBay, face-paint a child, deal with a gas leak, cure a hangover, make jam, fly a kite, compose a limerick, win at Monopoly, paint your nails, open an oyster, reverse a caravan, read Roman numerals, understand teenagers, repair an umbrella, digitise old videos, store wine, try the xylophone, learn a yoga position, repair a zip and much, much more.

Published by Reader’s Digest
ISBN: 978-1-78020-123-8    Over 1,200 colour illustrations    224 pages
RRP: £14.99  Paperback with flaps
Available from Amazon and leading retailers

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